Sausage and Beans


Mid August … and the Mezzano’s Cowboys decided to spend the night in Costa del Grillo.Will they remember perhaps the beautiful sunset? No!Will they remember the harshness of the land beneath their backs while they slept in tents? Nothing to do.Will they remind, then,  the way, the paths leading to and from Costa del Grillo?


The Mezzano Cowboy’s will remember for a long time the sausage with beans that was served them in the evening. Pade has spent all Saturday afternoon cooking slowly, patiently and with a great passion the dish for the guests. We all waited anxiously the response of the Cowboys. Who better than them can judge the worthless of  the plate  sausage and beans?

Well, our dish has been approved. Everyone in val Trebbia talked a lot about it.

Foreign and local Cowboys, you are warned. In Costa del Grillo there is always a dish ready for your rough taste.

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