“When there is no road, invent it!”

Robert Baden-Powell

horse trekkings in the Trebbia valley

The Road

On the road there is acommon fatigue that brings people closer to each other, as a different and deeper way to travel.

It is an excellent opportunity to meditate during the inevitable moments of silence marked by the rhythm of the steps on the bare earth.

The unknown of the path, the traveling companions and the refuge for the night are the metaphor of life itself that it is possible to taste it all concentrated in the short experience of a trek.

We have already traced several hundred kilometers away from the asphalt, but we are not done yet!

horse trekking for experts

There are no limits … As long as the road is unpaved!

Every year we organise horse trekkings in Trebbia Valley for two or more days, tracing all the paths but above all customising them according to various needs.

That’s right, you understood very well!

You can be alone, as a couple or with a nice group of friends with their own horse.
If your desire is to visit while riding the Trebbia Valley, the Piacenza Apennines or even go further, just call Roberto and that’s it!

The only rule to respect is to be expert riders!

What if you weren’t?
There is always time to learn …

Maybe the next path we will take will be the one you suggest!

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horse lessons in Trebbia Valley

There is always time to learn

Riding is an experience open to all without age limits, however, it is important to face it with the right spirit.

You must know that the horse, as a living being like us, must be known and respected.

Therefore in Costa del Grillo you not become professional jockeys, but aware knights ready to fully understand the wonderful world of these animals.

Here our students learn to communicate with the horse, to discover the warning signs that these fantastic animals show us and finally to master the techniques for riding in the saddle.

We have chosen to approach the American Mountain because it is the style that most represents country life.

Thanks to the lessons, you too can learn to ride independently, thus participating in walks and/or trekking in Trebbia Valley in complete safety.

“In riding a horse, we borrow freedom”

Helen Thomson

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