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It is more than a lavender oil, it is an essential oil!

Starting in the field on the southern facing mountain slope, the lavender is held in the hands of the growers from the flower to the bottle.

Extracting the essence of nature from its purest source; the deep and rolling luscious mountain landscape, nurtured by the warm Italian sun seeps into every droplet.

Each stem is planted, picked, bundled, distilled and bottled by hand – it is carried through a home, through a family and through a farm, where the richness of the environment in which it’s grown becomes part of its scent, its taste and the feel on your skin. It is more than a lavender oil, it is an essential oil!

Emily Davidson-Brett

The harvest

Beyond the Organic

In July and August, the Costa del Grillo lavender field is tinged with purple and filled with life. Bees, butterflies and many other small creatures celebrate and feast among the flowers, giving the field characteristics that go beyond organic.

Do you know who the real stars of this magnificent show are?

Are the bees!

They are the ones who suggest the harvest time. At the right moment we collect the flowers by hand, we combine them in large bundles joined by a white string ready to be distilled.

This is the secret. We take care of our plants without contaminating themThis is the secret.

Our lavender field loves to host the curious who, eager to immerse themselves in its intense perfume, have the opportunity to collect a small souvenir bouquet.



The lavender bundles are ready, the still is on, now we can start!

Steam distillation is the process by which essential oils and hydrolates are obtained and how does it work?

I our case, we take the freshly picked lavender flowers, place them on a source of steam inside the pot. Thanks to this system we extract the aromatic substances contained in them. The steam is then cooled and condensed.


We have obtained two substances rich in beneficial properties, Lavender Essential Oil and the Lavender Hydrolat (commonly called Lavender water) .

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The did you know that …

The secret of long life

Did you know that all plants defend themselves thanks to essential oils?

That’s right, the secret of long life is kept by plants and how do they do it?

They produce essential oils , in this way they manage to survive in difficult and competitive environments , defending itself from the aggression of bacteria, fungi, insects and herbivorous animals.

Some plants use essential oil to prevent dehydration in very dry environments, the oils surround the parts of the plant with a halo of steam and prevent the plant from losing too much water.

What if they get hurt?

In that case the plants when they are cut, broken or otherwise damaged, they secrete particular resins rich in essential oil to repair and disinfect the affected part .


We did analyze our Lavender Essential Oil and what have we discovered?

We found that it is full of important elements such as terpenes, tannins, flavonoids, coumarin derivatives, rosmarinic acid and phytosterols and which therefore has multiple beneficial properties.

What are these health properties?

Lavender is one of the most complete medicinal plants with anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antispasmodic properties .

Also thanks to its action pesticide protects the animals from ticks and fleas and protects humans from lice.

Without forgetting hers too antivenom action, which thanks to the presence of linalool and tannin is a lot effective against insect bites .

Essential Oil or Essence?

Do you know what is the difference between Essential Oil and Essence?

The E ssences they do not keep the properties of plants and do not have any active cosmetic component. Their only function is that of perfume or flavor.

The Essences they are a mix of synthetic substances and aromatic substances of natural or, more often than not, chemical origin.

Essential Oils, instead they are very valuable substances extracted from the so-called aromatic plants. they can be used for both beneficial and curative purposes.

In Costa del Grillo we only produce Pure Lavender Essential Oil obtained by steam extraction. Thanks to this process it contains all the beneficial properties of the plant.

Lavender water

The Lavender Hydrolat , more commonly known as Lavender Water, is a special flavored water that is produced by the extraction process of lavender essential oil.

It is a solution containing active ingredients of plant origin , obtained by distillation in a current of water vapor. Thanks to this natural extraction method, retains most of the beneficial properties of the plant .

Also unlike the essential oil, hydrolat it is water based , for this reason it is called Lavender water, and can be used pure directly on the skin.

Hydrolates can be used on the body, in the environment and on clothes as natural deodorants and also as ingredients for aromatherapy.

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