The Beauty is not so Far


The beauty, however subjective, is something that is common and appeals most people. Life surrounded by beauty is good for the spirit and rejoices the soul. The Italians were well aware of this fact, and in the past created wonderful art works and made some places famous worldwide. Visitors to our country know that and they are fascinated by the beauty of our landscapes. Perhaps, we know it, too, that we live in the most beautiful valley in the world. Perhaps. Because, as often happens, those who live in a certain place sometimes do not know the beauty of it. Indeed, looking at some pictures of these places, you feel that they are a false representation of reality, that the colours are deliberately altered as in a movie or in an ad, that such an environment can be real only in another continent.

Then, when you finally decide to visit these places by using the beauty as a company and means of transport, it turns out that there is no image that can convey the same feeling of being immersed in the magnificence.

The beauty of the smiles, the beauty of a faces, the beauty of the horses, the beauty of the colours, the air, the lands. The beauty of a sun glimpse in the middle of a stormy week.

The last weekend trek was called “The West is not so Far”.

Perhaps, “The Beauty is not so Far” would have be


Perhaps, “The Beauty is not so Far” would have been better.


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