Paths of Bacchus

Duchessa Brewery

Take a scenic and adventurous trail along the slopes of  Parcellara and Perduca stones, wade the Trebbia river and arrive at the  Duchessa Brewery, where Daniele will welcome us with a lunch letting us taste his beer.

  • Rider level: medium
  • Trail duration: 6/7 hours
  • Time on saddle: about 4 hours
  • Departure: 9:30
  • Trail period: spring/summer
  • Price: € 90,00


Vallescura Brewery

Downhill way into Vallescura, where flows one of the two branches of the Luretta creek, through dense forests, beautiful hills and in the background the vast lowland. Lunch among Vallescura farm where you can enjoy beer and genuine pork farming.

  • Rider level: medium
  • Trail duration: 5 hours
  • Time in saddle: about 3 hours
  • Departure: 10:30 am
  • Trail period: all year
  • Price:  € 65, 00 lunch not included


Luretta Cellars

Trail up to the Luretta Cellars among the Momeliano Castle. Wine tasting, than short trip to reach the Momeliano tavern for lunch.

  • Ride level: expert
  • Trail duration: 6 hours
  • Time in saddle: 4/5 hours
  • Departure: 9:30 am
  • Trail period: spring/summer
  • Price: € 120,00 min. 4 riders



The price includes the rent of the horse, the meal (where it’s mentioned) and daily insurance card.

Possibility, at the end of a trail to have a rest and relax among us while tasting a plate of cold cuts accompanied by a glass of wine, price € 7.00

Azienda Agricola Costa del Grillo