At last the Summer!


When I was a child I found a singular coincidence that every Easter there was a full moon. Later, with a bit of disappointment, I found that Easter is celebrated during the first spring’s full moon. This year during the summer solstice there was a real coincidence, maybe not unique but certainly nice: the longest days of the year were accompanied by the full moon. And we, to celebrate the summer just started, we did it a horseback trek with friends coming from all over the valley. All toghether in the memory of Diego, a young knight who unfortunately passed away a few years ago. We camped in the Stone Perduca in a fantastic long day where darkness has never waned.

If  a well begun is half done, the summer seems to promise the same: it’s beautiful weather, a little hot (but not too much) and  the desire to ride our valleys in the saddle is always the same.

Costa del Grillo plans as of now two important events for the summer. The first is Piacenza-Maremma 2013 where Costa del Grillo  organizes Ride with the Butteri (the maremma cowboys). Right from the evening of Friday, July 19 we organize a night in the moonlight along the river Trebbia.

The second event is a five-day trek from 7 to 11 August along the Salt Way. The trek will ends in the sea sight near Genova (full program is coming).

Stay tuned on this site or on our Facebook page to stay up to date on these and other events.

Happy summer to everybody.

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